A Cheap Day Out Group Exhibition & A Cheap Night In Book Launch 

2023    A group exhibition and book work featuring Lily McCraith, Kaiya Waerea, Stuart Bannocks, Matilda Greenwood, Charlie Brookes, Kevin Sollis, Matilda Engelmark, Sophie Paul, D-Press Peas, Em-dash Press and Soul Miles, with production support from Olivia Fitzpatrick.

Photographs by Matilda Greenwood
a crip library, or outside of everything
Hot water bottles (rubber), books, plywood
Bereft Nothing (‘hyle', Robert Fludd, 1617) vs. Fecund Nothing (Mirtazapine 15, 30 & 45mg Tablets)
A1 Screen Print on 310gsm Paper
THE BLEED (along the z axis)
Digital work on screen
A Cheap Night In book