Access Questions for Self-Publishing 

2023    Access Questions for Self-Publishing is a print pamphlet and online resource created to enable students to begin thinking about what accessibility means within self- and independent publishing. It provides a framework of questions which aim to deconstruct normative narratives around publishing, and analyse the barriers disabled people experience in trying to access knowledge production and distribution. Critically examining the relationship between publishing, politics and collaboration, Access Questions for Self-Publishing encourages students to develop their own methodologies that resist reenacting and reinforcing ableist publishing norms. Featuring interviews with disabled practitioners Olivia Spring, Abi Palmer and D Mortimer.

This work by Kaiya Waerea was funded by the University of the Arts London CCW Equality, Diversity and Inclusion staff research grant 2022.

︎︎︎A5 Pamphlet 
︎︎︎Audio coming soon!