Friend by
Gillie Kleiman

2021–24        friend is about the particular texture of relation that is friendship, with all the vulnerability, solidarity and fun that that contains. As such, its only audience is made up of friends of the performer. friend opens up possibilities around being seen and seeing each other anew through the means of contemporary, experimental dance. This means that it’s also a bit about dance and dancing, and who gets to do it.

Choreographer: Gillie Kleiman
Performer: your friend
Producer: Beckie Darlington
Designer: Kaiya Waerea
Design development: Bethany Wells
Performance development collaboration: Iris Chan, Chris Green, Sali Gresham, Janetta Maxwell, Katheryn Owens.

The versions of friend presented in 2024 are supported by Creative Crawley, Home Live Art, GIFT and FABRIC, using public funding through Arts Council England. Development was supported by Dance4, by Yorkshire Dance through the Dance Partner Project, and using public funding through Arts Council England.