Site Writing Vol. 2

2022        Site Writing Volume 2 brings together new pieces of writing by participants who took part in an eight-week course at the Sainsbury Centre led by Sam Jordison.Now in its second year, the course borrows its name from the architecture critic Jane Rendell’s book Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism (2010), in which she proposes a model of writing about art that takes into account a subject’s ‘position’ in its manifold senses: physical position, emotional position, ideological and political position. In doing so, this innovative approach to art criticism engages with inner concerns and broader ideas, drawing on the experience of, and encounter with, an artwork – where and when we encounter it, with who, what it provokes in us, reminds us of, makes us feel, prompts us to think.

International © retained by individual authors.
Designed by Kaiya Waerea.
Editors: Sam Jordison and Nell Croose Myhill
Publisher: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Pages: 101
ISBN: 9781739720018